Sunday, December 15, 2013

Why the Proa?

There are several reasons. Probably, the first one – because Proa didn’t do well in watertribe events.  I know my strong points – I can make things happen, eventually, however I’m not the fastest one around.
I figure out that I can make it working, to plow the road for the next generation.
The second reason – I believe proa can be a sound platform for watertribe events.  After all it is a canoe – easy to paddle thing, shallow draft etc.
The third reason – it can be made light. All the rhetoric is there – lesser loads on akas (crossbeams), the main hull (vaka) is taking all loads, there are very little torque loads on entire structure. Also I have sailed and raced beach catamarans (I owned A-class and Nacra F17 catamarans) and I believe that two hulls configuration is safer than three or one hull in big seas.
Proa, besides inefficient hull(for its length), suffer from a steering problem. It is very hard to design efficient foils instead of old fashioned paddles used by Polynesians. At least I’m trying to solve this problem. Let’s see how the things play out. I think I nailed it. But I didn’t test the boat yet J

So those are reasons.

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